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Christmas Gift Guide 2019 for Witches, Weirdos and Darklings

Supporting local makers during Christmas, the biggest gift-giving season is a wonderful way to show your love for handmade. Here's a curated collection of dark and unique creations for the hard to buy for people in your life.  For the spooky gourmet For the new Sabrina lovers For the ring collector For the long-haired shower lover For the eco-conscious organised handbag person For the dark aesthetic candle lover For the rain bringers PS - I was blown away at the number of suggestions I received on Instagram for this gift guide. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to message me. I couldn't add every suggestion in but thank you for putting them on my radar!

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NEW Eco-friendly and sustainable bathroom accessories

We've added some amazing new basin and shower accessories to the shop and you're going to love their eco-credentials.  Eco Max Body Brushes All-natural vegetable fibre brushes made in Sri Lanka by a small family run business that provides training and employment for local women living in a nearby slum.  They are all Plastic-free, Fair Trade, Vegan and Biodegradable. By switching to a natural brush, you can save unnecessary scrub exfoliants washing down the drain and gunking up greywater and pipes, not to mention keeping plastic jars out of landfill.  We are currently offering their Palm Body Brush, Foot Brush and Nail Brush. If you're new to dry body brushing, check out our blog post explaining what it is, how...

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What is dry body brushing and why you need it

If you're new to dry body brushing like me, you're probably wondering; what on earth it is, how to do it and why you should. So, let's dive in! What is dry body brushing? As the name suggests, dry body brushing or body brushing is a skincare and wellbeing method where you gently wipe a natural bristle brush up your skin towards your heart while the brush and your skin, is dry. This practice has been around for hundreds of years, if not more and has been a feature in many historical civilisations.  Benefits of dry body brushing Carving out a little time each day (or each week, let's be real) for self-care rituals has been shown to improve our...

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Big news - we're rebranding in 2020

After nearly ten years as Sailor Mouth Soaps, we're evolving, maturing and niching down to become the soap brand we have always meant to be. What's changing and when? Virtually everything is changing in 2020. We're tentatively aiming to relaunch for Valentine's Day but due to factors outside of our control, this may push out into the middle part of the year. I want to be quite transparent about this. With just one person in the business day-to-day, there's only so much you can think of on your own and sometimes despite careful planning, important deadlines might be missed or not even considered because I don't have a team to bounce ideas off.  No biggie. I'm being gentle and realistic...

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Soap Haul by Jade the Libra on YouTube

The well known spooky American YouTuber, Jade the Libra was recently sent a Halloween gift from Amanda in Australia which were featured in her post-Halloween haul video. The featured soaps are the Crystal Ball and the Ouija Planchette. I'm over the moon with how much she enjoyed them! Amanda is one of my most long-standing customers and has been shopping with Sailor Mouth Soaps since we began in 2010. I had no idea she'd bought these soaps from me in order to send to Jade so I'd like to say the biggest thank you for her ongoing support!  

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