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Big news - we're rebranding in 2020

After nearly ten years as Sailor Mouth Soaps, we're evolving, maturing and niching down to become the soap brand we have always meant to be.

What's changing and when?

Virtually everything is changing in 2020.

We're tentatively aiming to relaunch for Valentine's Day but due to factors outside of our control, this may push out into the middle part of the year.

I want to be quite transparent about this. With just one person in the business day-to-day, there's only so much you can think of on your own and sometimes despite careful planning, important deadlines might be missed or not even considered because I don't have a team to bounce ideas off. 

No biggie. I'm being gentle and realistic with myself (recovering perfectionists, you'll get me) about this project. 

You may not be aware but I also have a young daughter so the unknowns of childhood illnesses and my own chronic health problems mean that sometimes my work weeks are very short.

Have no fear though - I always prioritise fulfilling orders with the time I have available.

We're changing everything about the business:

  • brand name 
  • brand look and feel
  • product packaging
  • social media overhaul
  • new products
  • discontinuing some existing ranges
  • updated formulas 
  • new website
  • reestablish a presence on online marketplaces

I'm working with Laura from Obscurio & Co on the rebranding and holy cow you guys, she's amazing. We were, like, meant to work together, it's a match made in heaven.

As we become more accustomed to seeing amazing branding and photography each day, it's really obvious when a small business does DIY. And real talk - I've been feeling embarrassed about our packaging and branding for some time... so I reached out to Laura and I'm so glad I did. What worked ten years ago, doesn't work now. Remember organic reach on social media? Haha.

Point being, you will love what she's done!

What does the rebrand mean for you?

In many ways, things will continue as normal. Our website will remain in place, we'll keep selling our current product range, posting on social media etc.

When we're getting close to launching the new brand, I'll begin communicating what you need to do (if anything) to find the new socials, website etc. and let you know what's happening in terms of the current range, opening promotions and launch dates for the new brand etc.

Want to get involved?

Many die-hard fans have been buying their soap from me since the early days, so I totally get that this might be kinda scary for you.

Rather than just sit on the sidelines, I would absolutely love your thoughts and feedback about the rebrand, especially if you've been holding onto product requests.

This is especially important - anything that's been giving you the shits about Sailor Mouth Soaps - I want to know about it.

If you've found yourself frustrated about the products, buying or shipping experience, please tell me. I promise you won't hurt my feelings and I'll do my absolute best to improve anything you've had a problem with. I can't do that without knowing what needs fixing so please, don't hold back.

 Let's get back to it

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! I hope you're almost as excited as me.


  • Leah

    I hope the spooky/goth part doesn’t change.

  • Ken

    Sounds exciting – onward & upward?

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