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What is Carbon Neutral Shipping and Why it's Important

I'm proud to announce that when you place an order with Sailor Mouth Soaps, your shipping is 100% Carbon Neutral.


Sendle, our preferred carrier, offset the emissions of every parcel picked up and delivered via them and now we have partnered with Fifteen Trees to offset every delivery that goes with another service, such as Australia Post.

In its lifespan, the average tree can capture 268kg of carbon, making local tree planting initiatives an ideal way to offset the greenhouse gases produced by modern life. Fifteen Trees partner with local Landcare, school or community groups and plant trees that are not only native but also usually indigenous to the area which improves biodiversity and can even rehabilitate local wildlife populations. 

In time, I will be able to share stories, photographs and details of the exact trees that my purchase has provided. I cannot wait to see them going into the ground and begin to grow! *update, the trees were planted in October 2018*

We are in no way the first soap maker to use Sendle for their carbon neutral delivery but I do believe we are the first to make the firm commitment to our planet and offset our entire delivery service.

When you buy from Sailor Mouth Soaps, you can be assured that when we say we love the planet, its animals and its people, it's more than just lip service. We mean it and your purchase will help shape the world we want to see.


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