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Ingredient Spotlight - Avocado Oil

Not only is a Smashed Avocado (preferably on toast) beneficial for your health, Avocado Oil can also provide a who host of nutrients for your skin.


High in monosaturated fat, it is packed full of vitamins and minerals, namely Vitamin A, B, D and E. Unlike Mango Butter, where the butter is extracted from the seed, Avocado Oil comes from the actual fruit, or pulp, if that's easier to visualise. 

Avocado Oil can be used in many leave-on and rinse off cosmetics and while it's mainly recommended for dry, ageing and mature skin, in a soap, the results are absolutely divine. 

Avocado Oil in soap creates a silky, creamy lather and helps to condition the skin, while also lending bar-hardening properties, meaning you soap lasts for longer in the shower. 


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