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Soap Challenge Club and entry choice regret

Meet Forest Floor - a deeply earthy, herbaceous scented soap inspired by fallen leaves, wet earth and secret gardens. The design is intended to replicate tiny roots pushing up through the soil and all of the fallen leaves and damp undergrowth you'd find in a cold, wet forest.

earthy cold process soap forest floor with glycerin rivers soap challenge club

This was one of my possible entries to the Soap Challenge Club for February 2019 but I put botanicals on top, not realising at the time that you couldn't have any additives on top beside colour for that challenge. I could have chopped or rinsed them off and entered the soap but I decided to enter another soap instead.

cold process soap vegan palm free with botanicals on top witchy gothy earthy

When I shared this one with the Soap Challenge Club's private Facebook group, the response was incredible and I'm kicking myself a little for not having entered this one.

At the time, I was so enamoured with the scent and look of the soap, I didn't want to alter it in any way. Plus, I had many customers wanting a slice from this batch. Anyhoo - that's soaping for you huh!

I had so much fun making this soap and I hope you enjoy watching the process.

This soap will be available on March 21st at

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