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How To Choose A Soap By Fragrance Strength

We're all different when it comes to fragrance strength - what one person loves may be too strong for another and vice versa.  We've made choosing the fragrance strength of your next soap a little easier by classifying each soap with a unique fragrance strength rating. This is based on my personal experience of not only formulating soap but working in a soap shop so you can be assured these classifications are accurate.   Mild You need to bring the bar pretty close to your nose to really smell the complete fragrance A mild fragrance is ideal for facial soaps or anyone who is sensitive to strong scents Many essential oils fall into the Mild category as there are limits to...

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How To Make Your Handmade Soap Last Longer

Handmade soap has many benefits for the skin but even the hardest bar of soap needs a little love and care to ensure it lasts for as long as possible. Here are my quick tips to ensure your gorgeous bar of handmade soap doesn't turn into a mushy mess. Use a Shower Puff This is a trick not many people know about but try it and see how much longer you can get your soap to last. Simply lather the bar on a shower puff and then use the lather on your skin, rather than applying the bar directly onto the skin. This really helps if you've got more than one or two people in the house using the soap....

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5 Great Reasons To Use Handmade Soap

If you've only ever used commercially made soap or shower gel, you might wonder why all the fuss about handmade soap, why so many people are switching over and whether handmade soap is right for you.  There are many benefits to using handmade soap (I could probably talk all day) so in the interests of word economy, here are my top 5 reasons why handmade soap is superior to what you'll find at the grocery store. You can influence the ingredients and design  Indie brands like Sailor Mouth Soaps are easily able to control the ingredients used to make your soap. Working in small batches means we can tweak formulas and bring out new products in relatively quick order because...

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Winter Warmers - Meet The Cold Weather Collection

As the weather cools down, our shower temperatures heat up and our skin gets itchy and dry. It's a common misconception that soap is responsible for drying our skin over Winter but really, it's more to do with twisting the hot tap to the maximum and defrosting our frozen skin in the shower for as long as possible than the soap. Handmade soap retains all of the naturally produced Glycerin which acts as a humectant, attracting and keeping moisture in your skin for longer. This, along with nourishing and moisturising plant oils and butters makes for a soothing, non-drying soap. Mass-produced and usually very cheap soap is not made with many plant oils or butters at all (if any) and...

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Ingredient Spotlight - Shea Butter (Fair Trade Unrefined Raw Organic)

Loved by indie and top beauty brands alike, Shea Butter has grown to become one of the most popular, natural cosmetic ingredients of our times, in both leave on and wash off products, such as soap. Shea Butter helps to nourish the skin within any formulation or it can simply be applied directly to the skin. It is hydrating and soothing for all skin types - yes, even oily skin! To me, Shea Butter is a lot like Lavender Essential Oil in skincare, and Rosemary in Magic. It is multipurpose, inclusive and essential.  What are the benefits of Shea Butter? With its rich texture and high fatty acid content, Shea Butter is ideal for nourishing and protecting skin (face and...

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