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Big news - we're rebranding in 2020

After nearly ten years as Sailor Mouth Soaps, we're evolving, maturing and niching down to become the soap brand we have always meant to be. What's changing and when? Virtually everything is changing in 2020. We're tentatively aiming to relaunch for Valentine's Day but due to factors outside of our control, this may push out into the middle part of the year. I want to be quite transparent about this. With just one person in the business day-to-day, there's only so much you can think of on your own and sometimes despite careful planning, important deadlines might be missed or not even considered because I don't have a team to bounce ideas off.  No biggie. I'm being gentle and realistic...

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An interview with my favourite #workwife Tash of ARNA Online

I was recently asked to do an interview with Natasha from ARNA Online and of course, I said yes. Tash and I have a wonderful history together; having lead a team at Lush for several years. I'm delighted to say we've kept in contact since we've both moved onto other projects, so when Tash announced she was co-founding a women's laptop bag with the mission to empower women to make bold decisions, I was intrigued.  Tash and her sister Arianne founded ARNA Online when they realised that stylish laptop bags for women was a sorely lacking category in the fashion and tech sector. I can vouch for this first hand - I couldn't find a nice laptop bag when I was at Lush and...

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Halloween Gift Guide 2019

Halloween has to be the coolest time of year to shop if you like all things spooky, creepy and weird. Here's a round-up of some of my favourite handmade, Australian Halloween finds this year. Got something you'd like on the list? Leave a comment below and if it fits, I'll add you in. You Me and Bones - Sad Pumpkin Candles The Witch Apprentice - Spirit Guide Blend  Juniper Moon Apothecary - Cast Iron Cauldron   All Hallows Club - Quarterly Subscription Boxes  Switchblade Maid - Black Kitty Earings   Moxie Lou - Frank N Furter Acrylic Brooch Air Plant Designs - Raindrop Hanging Glass Garden Made590 - Every Body Valentina Skirt in Salem Nights    Are you a handmade business in...

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Essential Oils are natural, so they're safe and ethical, right?

Before I dive into this blog, I'm just going to add in a little disclaimer. I actually love essential oils. I love how they smell, I love their energy and they have many beneficial properties to bestow upon the mind and body. We are barely scratching the surface of their potential and are worthy of much more research so we can best utilise their abilities. If I love them so much, then why would I feel the need to write a disclaimer? Well, it's because I think they receive way too much trust and reliance, not love from us human folk.  Big Essential Oil Giants are the new Big Pharma There's long been the misconception that natural equals safe and with...

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What To Expect When Your Home Based Handmade Business, Moves House

After a complete freak out about how difficult our once-loved family home was to maintain, we stumbled upon our actual dream home and put in an offer. It was accepted! Our current home is lovely; I don't mean to sound dramatic or ungrateful. It's just A LOT of work because it's giant and with a small child, it felt like we were constantly battling uncontained mess. Don't even get me started on the yard. The yard I absolutely fell in love with initially, morphed into a job so big we didn't know where to start, thanks to the 25+ palm trees and near acre of land.  It wasn't until all of the hard work was done, mainly internal painting and landscaping, and...

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