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Small Business Spotlight - Unic0rn Pies shows off her Sailor Mouth Soaps collection

Unic0rn Pies was one of the first Australians I found in the Pagan community on YouTube, all the way back when I was running The Song of the Winds. I absolutely fell in love with her down to earth nature, vlogs, home tours, hauls and general witchy vibes.  We became friends on Instagram last year when our love of doll parts connected us and she realised that I was the same person as The Song of the Winds! Long story short, she's been incredibly supportive of my soap obsession and filmed this awesome haul video last year. Check out her channel here and the video below! 

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Kids Soap Unboxing Video - Real first impressions

Back in September last year, Jorja and her cousin Emahlie filmed this awesome unboxing video of their first impressions of Sailor Mouth Soaps. It's great to see how people of all ages interact with unusual soaps and especially interesting to see how good the soap wrapping is at keeping the scent in. Woah, some of them are a little too strong for kids noses. Jorja posts a lot of videos on YouTube so head on over and show her some support by clicking the thumbs up button. You can find her channel here  Edited to add - some of the soaps shown are limited editions no longer available. Please see our website for our current range.

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