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What To Expect When Your Home Based Handmade Business, Moves House

After a complete freak out about how difficult our once-loved family home was to maintain, we stumbled upon our actual dream home and put in an offer. It was accepted! Our current home is lovely; I don't mean to sound dramatic or ungrateful. It's just A LOT of work because it's giant and with a small child, it felt like we were constantly battling uncontained mess. Don't even get me started on the yard. The yard I absolutely fell in love with initially, morphed into a job so big we didn't know where to start, thanks to the 25+ palm trees and near acre of land.  It wasn't until all of the hard work was done, mainly internal painting and landscaping, and...

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How To Choose A Soap By Fragrance Strength

We're all different when it comes to fragrance strength - what one person loves may be too strong for another and vice versa.  We've made choosing the fragrance strength of your next soap a little easier by classifying each soap with a unique fragrance strength rating. This is based on my personal experience of not only formulating soap but working in a soap shop so you can be assured these classifications are accurate.   Mild You need to bring the bar pretty close to your nose to really smell the complete fragrance A mild fragrance is ideal for facial soaps or anyone who is sensitive to strong scents Many essential oils fall into the Mild category as there are limits to...

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How To Store Handmade Soap

Handmade soap requires more special care than a bulk box of the supermarket variety. Sure you can chuck it in your linen cupboard to make your towels smell nice but the real deal demands better treatment. Here are four easy soap hacks because you deserve to have the same beautifully coloured and scented bar of soap by the time you get to use it. Store in the original packaging  Your soap will come in either biodegradable, plastic-free film or in a genuine cellophane bag, depending on the size and shape of your bar. We recommend storing your soap in that packaging until you're ready to use it, protecting it from dust and moisture while retaining all of its glorious fragrance. ...

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