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Rebrand Update

In November last year, we announced that Sailor Mouth Soaps was being rebranded. With all of the upheaval and social isolation thanks to COVID-19, many of you have asked whether we're still going ahead as planned. The short answer is, YES! When news of the pandemic broke and Australia began to shut down travel, borders and businesses, I did spend some time wondering if right now is the best time to launch our new brand.    Is this insensitive to all of the people who've lost their jobs or loved ones? Who'd even be interested when our lives are in such upheaval? Will anyone even be in a position to buy from me?   Then I realised that I needed this....

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Big news - we're rebranding in 2020

After nearly ten years as Sailor Mouth Soaps, we're evolving, maturing and niching down to become the soap brand we have always meant to be. What's changing and when? Virtually everything is changing in 2020. We're tentatively aiming to relaunch for Valentine's Day but due to factors outside of our control, this may push out into the middle part of the year. I want to be quite transparent about this. With just one person in the business day-to-day, there's only so much you can think of on your own and sometimes despite careful planning, important deadlines might be missed or not even considered because I don't have a team to bounce ideas off.  No biggie. I'm being gentle and realistic...

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