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Soap Haul by Jade the Libra on YouTube

The well known spooky American YouTuber, Jade the Libra was recently sent a Halloween gift from Amanda in Australia which were featured in her post-Halloween haul video. The featured soaps are the Crystal Ball and the Ouija Planchette. I'm over the moon with how much she enjoyed them! Amanda is one of my most long-standing customers and has been shopping with Sailor Mouth Soaps since we began in 2010. I had no idea she'd bought these soaps from me in order to send to Jade so I'd like to say the biggest thank you for her ongoing support!  

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Soap Challenge Club and entry choice regret

Meet Forest Floor - a deeply earthy, herbaceous scented soap inspired by fallen leaves, wet earth and secret gardens. The design is intended to replicate tiny roots pushing up through the soil and all of the fallen leaves and damp undergrowth you'd find in a cold, wet forest. This was one of my possible entries to the Soap Challenge Club for February 2019 but I put botanicals on top, not realising at the time that you couldn't have any additives on top beside colour for that challenge. I could have chopped or rinsed them off and entered the soap but I decided to enter another soap instead. When I shared this one with the Soap Challenge Club's private Facebook group,...

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