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Winter Warmers - Meet The Cold Weather Collection

As the weather cools down, our shower temperatures heat up and our skin gets itchy and dry. It's a common misconception that soap is responsible for drying our skin over Winter but really, it's more to do with twisting the hot tap to the maximum and defrosting our frozen skin in the shower for as long as possible than the soap.

Handmade soap retains all of the naturally produced Glycerin which acts as a humectant, attracting and keeping moisture in your skin for longer. This, along with nourishing and moisturising plant oils and butters makes for a soothing, non-drying soap. Mass-produced and usually very cheap soap is not made with many plant oils or butters at all (if any) and the Glycerin is actually removed from the soap and sold for other skincare products such as lotions. This can make a harsh soap that undoubtedly cleanses but leaves the skin tight and itchy.

When you're shopping for a bar of handmade soap, make sure to look for ingredients such as Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and other plant oils. This will ensure a mild bar of soap. 

We believe in the quality and handmade nature of our products so much that we make videos to show you how soap is made!

Click the link below each image to be taken to our YouTube channel to see how we make each bar using the traditional cold process method.  

Click on each image to be taken directly to the product page.

avocado puree cold process soap cocoa butter lemongrass essential oil handmade australia

Making + Cutting Real Avocado Double Butter Soap

black red goth gothic modern dark aesthetic gift australia handmade gift friend

Making + Cutting Winter Solstice Pagan Soap

snow white witch soap modern gothic drift blanket blizzard cold process bramblerry minimal

Making Blizzard Soap 

fair trade coffee scrub bar soap australia handmade skincare bodycare vegan beans

Making Coffee Espresso Scrub Bar Soap

golden milk turmeric latte minimalist baker inspired spice warming winter handmade australia coconut milk infused chamomile

Making + Cutting Golden Milk Turmeric Coconut Milk Soap 

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