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Small Business Spotlight - Unic0rn Pies shows off her Sailor Mouth Soaps collection

Unic0rn Pies was one of the first Australians I found in the Pagan community on YouTube, all the way back when I was running The Song of the Winds. I absolutely fell in love with her down to earth nature, vlogs, home tours, hauls and general witchy vibes.  We became friends on Instagram last year when our love of doll parts connected us and she realised that I was the same person as The Song of the Winds! Long story short, she's been incredibly supportive of my soap obsession and filmed this awesome haul video last year. Check out her channel here and the video below! 

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Candle Making Classes in Brisbane/Gold Coast Area with Lemon Canary

So many creatives struggle with burnout and I know I’ve been there on many occasions in previous jobs. While I’m feeling great right now, I know that I need to push myself into more self-care activities to keep me feeling inspired and chilled out. Learning some new crafts or skills that I’m interested in purely as a hobby (don't expect candles to appear in my shop any time soon, haha) has been one of my intentions of 2019 so I recently spent a delightful morning with the team at Lemon Canary learning all about candle making; especially using essential oils as your fragrance, which can be a bit tricky to do as you really need a good understanding of how to blend them...

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Soap Challenge Club and entry choice regret

Meet Forest Floor - a deeply earthy, herbaceous scented soap inspired by fallen leaves, wet earth and secret gardens. The design is intended to replicate tiny roots pushing up through the soil and all of the fallen leaves and damp undergrowth you'd find in a cold, wet forest. This was one of my possible entries to the Soap Challenge Club for February 2019 but I put botanicals on top, not realising at the time that you couldn't have any additives on top beside colour for that challenge. I could have chopped or rinsed them off and entered the soap but I decided to enter another soap instead. When I shared this one with the Soap Challenge Club's private Facebook group,...

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Kids Soap Unboxing Video - Real first impressions

Back in September last year, Jorja and her cousin Emahlie filmed this awesome unboxing video of their first impressions of Sailor Mouth Soaps. It's great to see how people of all ages interact with unusual soaps and especially interesting to see how good the soap wrapping is at keeping the scent in. Woah, some of them are a little too strong for kids noses. Jorja posts a lot of videos on YouTube so head on over and show her some support by clicking the thumbs up button. You can find her channel here  Edited to add - some of the soaps shown are limited editions no longer available. Please see our website for our current range.

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Biodegradable Soap Packaging

We've upgraded all of our soap packaging and are now proudly rocking: Biodegradable cellophane bags Biodegradable bio-polyolefin shrink wrap (SCENT PERMEABLE!)   As an environmentally friendly business, we know how important it is to invest in systems that won't damage the planet so that's why we imported a unique shrink wrap from the USA that allows us to quickly shrink wrap multiple bars (thus saving power) which break down safely in the environment without any special treatment. What to do with your soap wrapping? Simple! Just pop it into the compost or your household bin and it will break down safely, plastic-free and environmentally safe.   

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