Magic Hands Oil Burner

Magic Hands Oil Burner

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If you prefer the flicker of real candlelight, this stunning oil burner is the way to go.

Suitable for both water and oil or solid wax fragrance methods.

To switch between the two, always rinse and clean the vessel thoroughly before using another fragrance method. Wiping with paper towels while warm is the easiest way.

With a burner this size, the fragrance will be best enjoyed in small to medium rooms.

Oil Burner: Height: 10cm, Width: 12cm, Length: 10cm

Bowl: Diameter: 8cm, Depth: 3cm

Weight: 480g

Material: Ceramic

Always use proper caution with an open flame and keep heat sources away from children, pets, flammable materials and drafts. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Never allow the vessel to burn dry or it may shatter. Always use on a heat safe surface. 

Please note - this design can take small aluminium tealights only. Do not use with extra large or tall tealights as it will put the flame too close to the vessel.