About us

Who is Sailor Mouth Soaps

Founded by Aliya Hutchison in 2010, to this day she still makes every product by hand with an obsessive attention to detail that's frustrating to everyone around her but much appreciated from a customer point of view. Because who wants second rate, right?

Like many micro bath and body companies, Sailor Mouth Soaps began by making products for personal use and gifts. After lots of encouragement from friends and family, she began selling at markets and at her peak, was wholesaling to twenty businesses around Australia, including local art galleries while shipping out dozens of retail orders each week.

After a long hiatus and with a toddler in tow, Aliya is back and ready to push the boundaries on art vs craft vs function and expand her vegan, cruelty-free bath and body product range.

Sailor Mouth Soaps has been featured in both print and online publications, including Inked Magazine and the Courier Mail.

Our Ethics

We don't use animal products, animal derived ingredients or conduct animal testing. This is intentional. We are not a vegan business by chance. Every decision made, ingredient purchased and product created is exhaustively considered to ensure all products meet my own high standards. Long live cruelty-free!

Environmental Impact

I love our mama earth and all of its creatures so you won't find me doing anything shady. Here are some of my commitments to living an eco-friendly life and running an eco-friendly business.

In the Soap Studio

  1. We use eco-friendly and vegan cleaning products 
  2. We conserve & recycle water during manufacture 
  3. We recycle or reuse as many materials as possible from supplier deliveries
  4. We use Solar Power as the main electricity source during manufacture 
  5. We use GreenPak packing peanuts made from wheat starch when shipping orders
  6. Where possible we avoid the use of plastic packaging
  7. We commit to continuous improvement and reduction in environmental impact by regularly researching and implementing more sustainable manufacturing practices, recycling and packaging solutions  

 Memberships + Groups

Supporting worthy, grassroots charity is important to me so I donate regularly and become a member where possible with charities I believe in